ChemOffice Professional

Notes: Since 2006, the University of Arizona Library has annually renewed the ChemOffice academic site license. In late 2017, Perkin Elmer switched to a new software download site for version 17 and upward. Previous versions are still at the Cambridgesoft site.

New Instructions for ChemOffice Version 17 and Up
All UA faculty, staff, and students need to register their campus email address at Download and install the software, after registration. You will receive a version 17 activation code (serial number) by email. Use this activation code to activate your ChemOffice 17 license. To retrieve your activation code(s) in the future, return to the PerkinElmer membership link, and log in with your campus email address. Click “Order History” on left pane, then click one of the Order History links to see your Activation Code.

Renewal Instructions for Version 16
To reactivate your old ChemOffice license from last year, click the "Help" menu, then "Activate Chem3D" (or ChemDraw). Put in your license/activation code from last year. Find your V16 license number by logging in at, and click the “My Downloads” link to recover it.

Download Instructions for Version 16
First time users who would prefer an older version of ChemOffice will need to register their campus email address at . After registration, they can log in at to recover their license number or download software.

Contents: Capture, store, retrieve and share data and information on compounds, reactions, materials and their properties. Requires downloading software through the library's site license.

Software must be installed on your computer to use this resource