Databases by title: T


Provides tabular data about companies, industries, products, markets, and consumer behavior.

TAIR, The Arabidopsis Information Resource

Find genetic and molecular biology data for the model higher plant Arabidopsis thaliana

Taylor & Francis Online

Find articles on social sciences, humanities, arts, sciences, business and education.

Teacher Reference Center

Find articles and book reviews on assessment, best practices, continuing education, curriculum development, school administration, and more.

Technical report archive and image library

Find U.S. government technical reports in technology and science issued prior to 1976.

TESO: Teatro Espanol del Siglo de Oro

Access full text from important dramatic works of 16th and 17th century Spanish dramatists.

Texas Office of Border Public Health

Find Texas-Mexico border health information.

The Lens

Find nearly all patent documents in the world as open, annotatable digital public goods that are integrated with scholarly literature and other data.

The Sixties Video Titles

Find videos including primary footage and secondary documentaries that explore the key events of the sixties and early seventies, including the civil rights movement, the women's rights movement, and the sexual revolution.

The Sixties: Primary Documents and Personal Narratives 1960-1974

Find narratives of key events, trends, and movements in diaries, letters, autobiographies and other memoirs, written and oral histories, manifestos, government documents, memorabilia, and scholarly commentary.

Theater in Video: Volume I

Find streaming video performances of the world's leading plays and film documentaries.

Theater in Video: Volume II

Find classic and contemporary plays and documentaries focusing on contemporary and international productions. View the works of widely studied playwrights and theater artists from around the globe.

Theatre in Context Collection

Find Canadian and American plays, scenes, productions, performers, playwright, and producers. Now called the Theatre in Context Collection.

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae is a Special Research Program at the University of California, Irvine. Founded in 1972 the TLG represents the first effort in the Humanities to produce a large digital corpus of literary texts. You will have to create a personal account to use Thesaurus Linguae Graecae. To view the texts in Greek, a polytonic Greek font must be installed on your computer.

Thesaurus Linguae Latinae

Find extensive and detailed dictionary entries of the Latin language covering the classical period up to about 600 the largest Latin dictionary in the world.

Thomson Reuters ProView

Find legal, tax, and accounting ebooks published by Thomson Reuters. (Available courtesy of the UA College of Law.)

Thomson-ISI Science Indicators

Compare and rank research performance of universities in various ways through bibliometric analysis. Factors include total number of publications, impact factors of publications, and comparing publications among organizations.

Times (London)

Find fully digitized issues of the The Times.

Times Digital Archive 1785-2012 (Times, London)

Find fully digitized issues of the The Times.

Times of India (ProQuest Historical Newspapers)

Search PDF scans of articles and advertisements in The Times of India from 1838-2008. (The Times of India was previously published under the titles The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce and The Bombay Times and Standard)

Toronto Star (ProQuest Historical Newspapers)

Search PDF scans of articles and advertisements in the Toronto Star from 1894-2015. (The Toronto Star was previously published under the titles Evening Star and Toronto Daily Star)

Tourism, Hospitality, and Leisure Collection

Find scholarly journals, magazines, and trade publications that cover topics including the cultural and economic aspects of travel and tourism.

Tox Town

Learn about potential environmental health concerns and toxic chemicals in various locations.

Toxics Release Inventory

Find information on releases of toxic chemicals and their management as waste based on annual reports by U.S. industrial and federal facilities.


Find databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases.


Find U.S. government technical reports in technology and science issued prior to 1976.

Transport Research International Documentation (TRID)

Find materials from TRB's Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS) Database and the OECD's Joint Transport Research Centre's International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD) Database.

Tree of Life Web Project

Find phylogenetic connections between organisms and search for images, movies, and sounds.

Trench Journals and Unit Magazines of the First World War

Find a vast collection of over 1,500 rare magazines by and for servicemen and women of all nations during the First World War. These are written and illustrated by serving members of the armed forces and associated welfare organisations.

Tresor de la langue francaise

Find complete French language texts spanning from the 12th through the 20th centuries. ARTFL-FRANTEXT is the main ARTFL Database which is only available to the UA community. There are other collections that are open to the public.

TRF PolicyMap

U.S. national data, GIS mapping tool and analytics platform with data related to demographics, neighborhood conditions, real estate markets, federal income-eligible areas, money and income, lending activity, jobs and economy, education, health and more. Data can be viewed by census block or tract in many cases, and city, county, zip code, state as well as congressional district, school district, state house and state senate districts. PolicyMap data can be presented as maps, tables, charts and reports and unlimited address-based data can be uploaded for use in PolicyMap.


Find high-quality clinical research evidence to support practice and care.

Turfgrass Index

Provides article citations from over 200 journals, professional magazines, annual reports, conference proceedings, and Web sites on turfgrass from 1968-present.

Turfgrass Information File

Provides article citations from over 200 journals, professional magazines, annual reports, conference proceedings, and Web sites on turfgrass from 1968-present.

Twentieth Century Advice Literature: North American Guides on Race, Gender, Sex, and the Family

Find handbooks, manuals, textbooks, etiquette guides, self-help books, instructional pamphlets, and how-to books that illustrate both how Americans actually behaved and how they felt they ought to behave.

Twentieth Century Drama

Find plays, monologues, cast, stage directions; search by gender, number of speakers, year. Content is also available in Literature Online database.

Twentieth Century Drama (ProQuest)

Find works on English and American poetry, drama and prose, full-text literature journal articles, and other key criticism and reference resources. Includes content of Twentieth Century Drama module.

Twentieth Century North American Drama

Find Canadian and American plays, companies, theatres, playwrights, characters.

Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Christianity

Find scholarship from influential theologians in the Christian tradition, including extensive representation of feminist theologians and other previously marginalized and lesser-known voices.

Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Eastern Religions

Trace the evolution of eastern religion through the seminal works of major religious thinkers. Explore the doctrines of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and Jainism from the late 19th century through the 21st century.

Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Islam

Find the most influential thinkers of modern Islamic theology and tradition on topics such as women in Islam, Islam and the West, Sufism, and Islamic law in English, French, and Arabic.

Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Judaism

Find a vast collection of important works and primary sources on subjects including Jewish mysticism, Orthodox Judaism, Talmud, holocaust studies, and Zionism in Hebrew, French, Italian, and German.

Twinbridge People's Daily

Find full text and original images including advertisements from People's Daily digital archives including politics, culture, communist theory/philosophy, and social economics.