Databases by subject: Psychiatry & Psychology

Major Indexes


Find articles on brain science, cognitive science, brain and neural networks, and linguistics.

Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts: Volume I

Find transcripts of actual therapy sessions, client narratives and major reference works, diaries, letters, autobiographies, oral histories, and personal memoirs. All accounts are non-fiction, delivered in the first person and, where possible, contemporaneous.

Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts: Volume II

Find transcripts that each follow the course of multiple therapy sessions with a wide range of presenting issues and therapuetic approaches. This collection is searchable by presenting condition, clinician, or type of therapy.

Counseling and Therapy in Video (vols. 1-4)

Find streaming video of therapy sessions, lectures, interviews, and consultations in social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatric counseling.

Diagnosing Mental Disorders: DSM-5 and ICD-10

Find in-depth videos exploring diagnoses of mental disorders using specific criteria from DSM-5 and ICD-10.

Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology

The Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology encompasses applications of psychological knowledge and procedures in all areas of psychology. This compendium is a major source of information for professional practitioners, researchers in psychology, and for anyone interested in applied psychology. The topics included are, but are not limited to, aging (geropsychology), assessment, clinical, cognitive, community, counseling, educational, environmental, family, industrial/organizational, health, school, sports, and transportation psychology.

Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics

The Encyclopedia of Language & Linguistics, Second Edition, covers the full range of topics in contemporary linguistics from fundamental linguistic disciplines such as phonetics, syntax, and morphology to applications in other disciplines such as anthropology, education, psychology, language acquisition, cognitive science, media, computer science, sociology, medicine, and the law.

Encyclopedia of Social Measurement

Find both qualitative and quantitative approaches to social science and social measurement.

Health & Psychosocial Instruments

Find references and analytic abstracts to measurement instruments in the health fields, psychosocial sciences, and organizational behavior.

MEDLINE (via Ovid)

Find bibliographic citations with abstracts to journal articles in the life sciences with a focus on biomedicine. MEDLINE is the primary component of PubMed.

Mental Measurements Yearbook

Find standardized test reviews, such as reliability and validity tests in education, psychology, personality, intelligence, and vocational aptitude.

PILOTS (Published International Literature on Traumatic Stress)

Find literature on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health sequelae of traumatic events.


Find articles in behavioral science and related fields, such as education, nursing, business, and neuroscience.

Psychiatry Online

Find American Psychiatric Association (APA) journals, textbooks, practice guidelines, and titles related to the APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).

Psychological Experiments Online

Find a synthesis of audio and video recordings of original experiments, with primary source documents. This collection also contains exclusive and hard-to-find notes from experiment participants, journal articles, books, field notes, and letters penned by the lead psychologist.


Find articles, dissertations, and book chapters in psychology and behavioral health.