Databases by subject: Video

Major indexes

60 Minutes: 1997-2014

Find video segments from the news show 60 Minutes alongside full-text transcripts with options to search by subject, host, historical event, and many more.

Academic Video Online (Alexander Street Press)

Access video content from all Alexander Street Press collections, as well as available audio and textual content. Browse or search by disciplines, individual collections, titles, publishers and more.

American History in Video

Find videos on American historical events including newsreels, documentaries, interviews from Pre-Columbian America to present.

Art and Architecture in Video

Find a variety of films in the fields of art history and theory with options to search by era and region.

Asian Films Online: Volumes I & II

Find contemporary films featuring voices and perspectives from Asian filmmakers, with a strong concentration on China, India, Iran, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Turkey, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, and Vietnam.

Australasian Video Online

Find a multidisciplinary collection of videos with an emphasis on indigenous issues, cultural studies, immigration studies, and Asian studies. Many titles include teaching guides or other supplemental material.

BBC Shakespeare Plays

Find videos of Shakespeare plays performed on BBC.

BBC Video Collection

Find BBC documentaries on topics that span multiple subjects, such as history, anthropology, science, religion, health sciences, art, and more.

Black Studies in Video

Find acclaimed documentaries, archival footage, and interviews chronicling the evolution of black culture in the United States.

Business Education in Video

Find videos including executive interviews, corporate training video, case studies, how-to features, and documentary films that focus on all aspects of the global business environment

Caribbean Studies in Video: The Banyan Archive

Find original Caribbean TV content from the Banyan Production company, encompassing documentaries, interviews with important figures, artistic performances and more from the 1970s onward.

Classical Performance in Video (Music Online)

Find thousands of classical music and dance productions as well as documentaries, interviews, and masterclasses.

Counseling and Therapy in Video (vols. 1-4)

Find streaming video of therapy sessions, lectures, interviews, and consultations in social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatric counseling.

Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video

Find a searchable collection of interviews and documentaries giving an inside look into the justice system, complete with training videos designed to help students respond to potentially dangerous scenarios.

Dance in Video

Find streaming video of dance production, documentaries in jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary dance, experimental and improvisational dance.

Dental Education in Video

Find hundreds of demonstration videos, interviews, and lectures geared toward students and professors alike. This collection covers dental surgery, assisting, nursing, medicine and more.

Diagnosing Mental Disorders: DSM-5 and ICD-10

Find in-depth videos exploring diagnoses of mental disorders using specific criteria from DSM-5 and ICD-10.


Find and view over 800 documentary and social issues films.

Education in Video: Volumes I & II

Find research-based professional development video resources including teaching demonstrations, lectures, documentaries, and primary source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms. Volume II expands upon Volume I to focus on contemporary subjects and emerging teaching approaches, emphasizing special needs, English as a second language, and the US Common Core standards.

Environmental Studies in Video

Find films and documents relating to the study of the environment, including topics such as agriculture, the food industry, pollution, and alternative energy.

Ethnographic Video Online

Find streaming online videos of classic and contemporary documentaries, previously unpublished footage from anthropologists and ethnographers, field recordings, select feature films, and indigenous media.

Fashion Studies Online: The Videofashion Library

Find videos that cover the history of fashion and costume around the world in addition to contemporary footage featuring major fashion shows and designers.

Filmakers Library Online

Find video documentaries about race and gender studies, human rights, multiculturalism, global studies, environment, bioethics, health, political science, psychology, arts, and more.

Films Media Group - Films on Demand

Find educational streaming videos.

Health and Society in Video

Find hundreds of documentaries, profiles, reports, and interviews on today’s latest medical progress in health and wellness issues and their impact on society.

Henry Stewart Talks

Access online talks by leading experts in business, management, marketing, finance and more.

Independent World Cinema: Classic and Contemporary Film

Watch international films from prominent independent distributors. Films can be browsed by title, director, awards received, cast/crew members, genre, county of origin, or publisher.


The Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) is a peer reviewed scientific video journal.

UA access includes:
Video Journal - all sections
Science Education - ONLY Basic Biology (3 sections: General Laboratory Techniques, Basic Methods in Cellular and Molecular Biology, and Biology I: Yeast, Drosophila and C. Elegans)

Kanopy Streaming Video

View streaming videos on a wide variety of subjects.

Latin America in Video

Watch documentaries from Latin America about issues such as human rights, violence, immigration, literacy, popular culture, and political history.

LGBT Studies in Video

Watch documentaries, interviews, archival footage, and feature films related to LGBT topics.

March of Time

Watch newsreels from the 1935-1967 film series The March of Time, a program that addressed controversial topics of the period. Searchable transcripts run alongside each video.

Media Education Foundation Films

Access over 130 streaming documentary films about the social, political, and cultural impact of American mass media, especially in relation to gender, race, class, health, and consumerism.

Medical Imaging in Video

Search medical imaging training videos addressing issues in radiography, sonography, radiation therapy, patient communication, and more. The fully-transcripted videos can be searched by keyword, subject area, title, or publisher.

Nursing Assessment in Video

Watch videos designed to help nursing students prepare for medical assessments. Videos are accompanied by synchronized, searchable transcripts and can be annotated by users.

Nursing Assistant Education in Video: Second Edition

Watch videos designed to train nursing assistants in various aspects of nursing practice. Videos are accompanied by synchronized, searchable transcripts and can be annotated by users.

Nursing Education in Video: Second Edition

Watch videos designed to help nursing students improve their clinical skills. Videos are accompanied by synchronized, searchable transcripts and can be annotated by users. delivers full-length, high quality contemporary performance films to your TV, desktop or mobile device.

Opera in Video

Find streaming video of operas, interviews, and documentaries.

Psychological Experiments Online

Find a synthesis of audio and video recordings of original experiments, with primary source documents. This collection also contains exclusive and hard-to-find notes from experiment participants, journal articles, books, field notes, and letters penned by the lead psychologist.

Rehabilitation Therapy in Video

Find the largest and richest streaming video resource for the study of occupational therapy, physical/physiotherapy, and speech-language pathology with footage of top clinicians and academics demonstrating effective techniques and methods for their treatment.

Silent Film Online

Find streaming of videos of silent films, serials, and shorts from the 1890s to the 1930s.

Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video: Volumes I & II

Find an extensive video collection in the areas of fitness and health assessment, disease management, injury treatment, nutrition, medical fitness, sport science, work-site wellness, exercise adherence, sudden-death, brain trauma, pediatric athletes, gender and ability/disability diversity in sports, bodyweight training, triathlon training, progressive pilates, and much more.

Swank Digital Campus

Find the top 1000 feature films and documentaries for use in a curricular setting.

The Sixties Video Titles

Find videos including primary footage and secondary documentaries that explore the key events of the sixties and early seventies, including the civil rights movement, the women's rights movement, and the sexual revolution.

Theater in Video: Volume I

Find streaming video performances of the world's leading plays and film documentaries.

Theater in Video: Volume II

Find classic and contemporary plays and documentaries focusing on contemporary and international productions. View the works of widely studied playwrights and theater artists from around the globe.

Vanderbilt Television News Archive

Find abstracts of evening news broadcasts from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, and FOX News, special news reports, coverage of political conventions, Presidential press conferences, State of the Union Addresses, and more. Includes online streaming video access to CNN programs from 1998-present.

Veterinary Education in Video

Find content relevant to veterinarians, vet techs, assistants, and other team members, and features demonstrations from many of the field’s most respected experts.

World History in Video

Find streaming video that gives users access to critically acclaimed documentaries from filmmakers worldwide. This collection includes documentaries on human history from the earliest civilizations to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

World Newsreels Online: 1929–1966

Find full runs of newsreels in their original form, including Nippon News, Les Actualités Mondiales, France Actualités, France Libre Actualités, Les Actualités Francaise, also United Newsreel, Universal Newsreel, and, Polygoon-Profliti.